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Neighborhood Groups

The following groups will be unveiled with more details soon!

A Palisades ‘New Neighbor’ Welcome
New to the community? Or meet a new neighbor? Let us know at pra@sanpedropalisades.org!

We have donated a limited amount of reusable bags to be filled with goodies from Peggy at the Corner Store, our local market and meeting place.

Local Foods Dinners & Contest
Sign up for Palisades Local Foods Potluck Dinners by emailing pra@sanpedropalisades.org.

Does making dinner/barbecuing together sound fun?
Do you have food you’ve grown/raised, or bought at the farmer’s market? Potluck it. We reduce our carbon footprint while we get to know our really cool neighbors!

Contest: At the 2012 Annual Meeting we will present an award for the dinner that traveled the least amount of miles to the table.

Palisades Free-Cycle
We all have things we’d like to give away, instead of sending to the landfill. Post it here (page coming soon).

NOTE: Post what you want to give away by describing the items (for example: mulch; men’s vans skate shoes size 9; palm tree; lounge chairs…) and how/where they can be picked up (for example: out on the curb until gone; out on the curb until a specific date; in the back yard, email me for access). Posts will only be deleted automatically after two weeks, please delete your post if it is not longer available. Feel free to re-post if the item if it is still available. The PRA may delete posts at any time.

Palisades Tool Lending Library
Have you ever bought a tool you only needed to use once? Wouldn’t it be great to pool our resources and encourage beautification?

In the works is a tool lending library. So if you are good with powertools, or literally building community, share your skill & thoughts with us by emailing pra@sanpedropalisades.org. Powertools to the People!

Skill Sharing
Everyone has a special talent, and we’d like to know about it so those of us that never learned can figure out how to: can food, woodwork, dance, play piano, write poetry, garden, metal working, birdwatching — anything really!
Register your hobby/ talent/ interest by emailing pra@sanpedropalisades.org.

Are you a good match-maker? Would you like to pair people with skill to those interested? Be sure to mention this in your email in the link above.

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