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New White Point Landslide cracks develop

White Point Landslide 20131104-6970
Yesterday, after learning new cracks emerged in the White Point Landslide area, Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) made immediate contact with the necessary agencies (mainly CD15 and Bureau of Engineering), for the safety of the residents and general public in the event of another incident, and will be monitoring / communicating the situation to stakeholders and Palisades residents as it develops or learns more.

Photo courtesy of Blaine Beron-Rawdon

Paseo Del Mar to be rebuilt

“The decision was unanimous and unified.”

Following LA City Board of Engineering presentations and updating on the status / timetable of work done on the landslide – along with a good hour of smart comments and questions by the Advisory Board and stakeholders last night at the White Point Landslide Advisory Committee, it was unanimously voted to restore the roadway to the previous location, to include a retaining wall at an estimated cost of $28.8 million.

According to Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council Chairman & President Dave Behar, Paseo Del Mar and its beautiful coastline are on their way towards complete restoration, via a vote by the White Point Community Advisory Committee.

“Although the planning, funding and road restoral process will take many years, the community spoke and voted on restoring Paseo Del Mar to its previous location. Traffic studies by the Bureau of Engineering are well underway in the adjacent Palisades neighborhoods, to ensure that the best possible strategy, execution and positive public safety outcome occurs for our fellow residents. This includes the entire Coastal San Pedro,” said Behar, who also serves as President of the Palisades Residents Association.

“There is a sense of confidence that our many smart, visionary residents in the area will make sure Paseo, adjacent streets and the Nature Preserve are an opportunity to create an enjoyable blend of passive yet active use, with a synergistic neighborhood culture that makes the best out of the path forward.”

With regular updates ahead, the Advisory Committee was able to hear key budget insights from David Hirano, from the Office of the LA City Chief Administrative Officer, along with Board of Public Works Commissioner Matt Szabo, and Chris Johnson who led the Bureau of Engineering presentation. Councilman Buscaino vowed to “fight hard to find the money for what the people decide.”

“I am pleased with the definitive progress that BOE, leadership of Councilman Buscaino and his talented staff, the Advisory Committee, the CAO and Public Works offices and the focused CSPNC adhoc Landslide and Public Safety Committees have made, and will make, moving forward,” added Behar. “Mother Nature and the community will receive more than an asphault makeover.”

With de-watering continuing and slope stabilization underway, next steps are by Spring 2014 to build already budgeted cul de sacs with medians, initially designed by Behar, to enable traffic flow on the west and east side of the slide, as preparations are made for a complete restoral of Paseo Del Mar, which could take easily 3-5 years.

Residents may monitor regularly updated progress at boe.lacity.org and cspnc.org.

Silvius Security Soiree on Saturday

The Block Party redefined…

If you’re in the Silvius / 36th / Hamilton triangle, you’ve received several e-mails, posts, re: tomorrow
Here’s the Daily Breeze article.

CSPNC New 2013-2014 Board and Officers

Many positive developments ahead at CSPNC for Palisades, South Shores and Pt. Fermin residents including new 2013-2014 Board and Officers, The new officers are:

Chairman + President | Dave Behar
Vice President | Bob Gelfand
Treasurer | Ted Shirley
Secretary | Ana Rosa Ortiz

See more at cspnc.org.

The PRA Annual Meeting date announcement is forthcoming – stay tuned.

Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council Board (S)Elections Tomorrow

That’s right – don’t forget – CSPNC Board (S)Elections are 11:00 – 3:00 at the White Point Nature Preserve Education Center… Help keep the momentum of our CSPNC’s hard work for Palisades Residents! Public Safety, Landslide Traffic, SPHS Olguin Campus Developments, – it’s been quite a year…

Candidate Statements / Bios can be seen by clicking here…

Look for your copy of CSPNC’s Coastal Currents in your mailbox today.


CSPNC Board Seats Open, (S)Elections at WPNP

Just in case you didn’t see the “Get on Board” mailer, need an extra push or see an announcement in some form of media, Governing Board Seats on the 2013-2014 Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council are up for (S)Election on May 18 at the White Point Nature Preserve Nature Center from 10:00 – 3:00. Free refreshments, Naturalists and of course, voting!

But before that happens, you still have a few days to submit your name to be publicized via CSPNC’s Coastal Currents to the entire neighborhood – to be voted on.

You gotta admit (with PRA’s help and initiation of several key issues affecting us), CSPNC has done a stellar job serving this neck of the woods on behalf of the residents and is a good place to bring issues needing solving. Maybe it’s your time to lead.

Go to cspnc.org and see what is involved!

At the very least, there will be announcements soon re: the PRA Board, Annual Meeting, and yes, dues! Membership is an integral part of the fuel that drives the communication in this neighborhood.

CSPNC | January Motions near the Ocean

Three motions were passed during the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council last week that is of interest to Palisades Residents.

They are:

PUBLIC SAFETY MOTION | Alma Street Signage

The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests that the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation immediately post weight limit signs on Alma Street entering from 25th Street and also from 37th Street, and that those weight restrictions be enforced by LAPD Traffic Patrol officers.


Whereas the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services and Bureau of Engineering, and Department of Transportation have identified numerous structural deficiencies on Alma Street between 25th Street and 37th Street, and

Whereas Los Angeles Police Department records document accident rates on this section of Alma Street far exceed the combined total of all Proposed Bond Eligible Streets in the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council District, and

Because the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council is aware of and concerned by the public safety issues identified by Los Angeles City and County agencies,

Therefore, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests a meeting with CD15 and representatives from the above mentioned departments to re-designate Alma Street between 25th Street and 37th Street from a Proposed Bond Eligible Street to a Priority Street so that funds can be allocated to make required repairs immediately, or, to close Alma Street to local traffic only until all public safety hazards can be mitigated.

LANDSLIDE MOTION | White Point ad hoc Landslide Committee

Whereas the County of Los Angeles Coastal Development Permit No. 5-12-28 applicable to the newly rerouted storm drains at 1600 South Paseo Del Mar (east of White Point Landslide) includes the statement, “Once a final decision has been made regarding the repair of Paseo Del Mar, the Los Angeles County Flood Control District intends to develop and implement plans to relocate the storm drains to a location and alignment that is compatible with the repair to Paseo Del Mar, and will submit a separate application for a permit from the Coastal Commission for such work at that time.”

Therefore be it resolved, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests the California Coastal Commission and County of Los Angeles ensure that the referenced storm drains be replaced as soon as possible with a solution that eliminates the negative effects resulting from the current storm drains, including erosion, threat to public safety (the current above-ground piping is used as a stairway), and aesthetics in the otherwise beautiful coastal bluff area.

Further be it resolved, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests that the City Council District 15 support the above CSPNC request as stated to the California Coastal Commission and the County of Los Angeles.


More is coming down the pipeline from the highly effective CSPNC White Point Landslide and Public Safety Committees which we’ll report it here.

PRA Members are busy serving on the CSPNC Board and Committees for all of our benefit. Stay tuned for a PRA Annual Meeting notice.


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