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Tonight – CSPNC White Point Landslide Committee Mtg

All Neighbors Invited –

Where: Cetacean Room, Point Fermin Park
When: 5:00 pm

1) Call to order, 5PM
2) Volunteer for Recording of Minutes
3) Introductions
4) Public comment on non-agenda items
5) New Concerns
6) Agency Update, 5:30PM

a. Current status (e.g., stabilization, utilities, lighting, equipment, traffic routing as applicable);
b. Plans for removal of debris from upper area and of displaced storm drains at ocean’s edge;
c. Potential impacts from/on Proposed Sanitation Districts Clearwater Project
d. Intermediate Plans;
e. Long Range Plans and/or Options; and,
f. Actions where we might be able to help responsible agencies.
7) Items/Planning for Next Agenda/Meeting

The PRA Board will reconvene on Wednesday 04.11.12 @ 7:00 – with the Landslide remaining front and center, along with its enhanced membership communication plan and other initiatives.

Here are the initial recommendations your PRA Traffic Committee communicated to the CSPNC Committee:


➢ Minimize non-resident traffic and parking issues.
➢ Ensure safe traffic flow through out the neighborhood.
➢ Direct non-resident traffic to the Nature Preserve and White Point.

PRA Board Recommendations:

➢ Round-about at Paseo Del Mar and Weymouth
o City reports indicate the area is stable.
o Place round-about in the wide area just within the current fencing.
o Do not allow parking – red curbs and/or no parking signs.
o Install energy efficient lighting to assist nighttime traffic.
o Remove temporary fencing and replace with fencing consistent with current fencing on Paseo Del Mar.
o Low cost solution.

➢ Nature Preserve / White Point Signage
o Place directional signs for the Nature Preserve and White Point at 25th Street / Gaffey and 25th Street and Western.
o Signs should decrease traffic in the residential area for visitors to the Nature Preserve and Landslide viewers.

➢ Round-about at Paseo Del Mar and Barbara
o Convert the intersection into a round-about allowing traffic to make a safe u-turn.
o The round-about should slow down traffic sufficiently to allow for the elimination of the stop signs on Paseo Del Mar at Barbara.

➢ Nature Preserve and Landslide look-out
o Place an elevated look-out on the White Point side of the landslide to allow the viewing the landslide area.
o The look-out will bring more people to the Nature Preserve where there is adequate parking.
o Should reduce currently impacted residential parking on the Weymouth side of the landslide.

➢ Widening of Hamilton Ave between Barbara and Patton
o Resolve easement issue and make Hamilton a safe width for the increased traffic due to the closure of Paseo Del Mar.

Giant crane erected at landslide. County update.

Paseo Del Mar – County Public Works Update as of November 15, 2011
(Received 11/16/2011, 10:36pm)

Ground movement in the area has intensified. The vertical displacement on Paseo Del Mar near the intersection with the access road is about six feet. A portion of the access road leading from Paseo Del Mar to the beach, along with 5 sections of the abandoned 60-inch RCP pipe, have slid onto the beach area.

Department of Beaches & Harbors staff will be placing warning signs at the end of the promenade behind the White Point restroom where it connects with the baseball diamond fence. DBH will also replace an existing nylon fence at the beach level with a chain-link fence with similar warning signs.

Realignment of Storm Drains:
Construction continues on the 84-inch pipe realignment on the easterly side of Paseo Del Mar. The forms for the junction structure are set and the concrete pouring is scheduled for today. Subsequent to the concrete pour, the Contractor will bring a crane on-site to facilitate the construction of the two 36-inch HDPE pipes down the slope to the beach. The crane is expected to be onsite by tomorrow (Wednesday, November 16, 2011) and remain for several days.

There are currently no design issues, but staff has continued to monitor the situation and make any necessary field adjustments.

The 54-inch line bypass is nearing completion with the remaining item of work being the construction of the headwall at the outlet. There is a bypass line constructed around the worksite of the 84-inch line to handle nuisance flows and runoff.

The forecast calls for dry weather through at least Thursday. After that there are two storms that may affect the area, one on Friday and a second storm possibly late Sunday into Monday. The first system looks like it will move inland before reaching southern California and precipitation from this storm is currently anticipated to be light with accumulations being in the 0.20” or less range. The second storm may bring rain to LA County as well with amounts also light. Public Works anticipates having better storm total estimates for the weekend storms by the end of the week.

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City releases Paseo del Mar Fact Sheet

Tonight, the city released a fact sheet on the Paseo del Mar landslide to keep residents updated. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please use the comments section below and we will pass them along to city officials.

Site Conditions
•    The ocean frontage bluff areas of San Pedro were formed by tectonic uplift of the Palos Verdes hills and erosion of the slope by wave action and ocean currents. The ocean simultaneously wears away the base of the cliff, resulting in geological failure along the coastal roads since the 1930s.
•    In October 2011, a section of Paseo Del Mar Street, bounded by Weymouth Avenue on the east and Western Avenue on the west, experienced a landslide event. The affected area has been moving for years.
•    A multi‐agency effort is underway to address the impact of this geological instability and to ensure no one is injured or harmed. A hard road closure remains in place to both vehicles and pedestrians between Weymouth Avenue and Western Avenue on Paseo del Mar.
•    This site area is extremely hazardous to vehicle, cyclist, pedestrian and pet traffic. Due to the instability of the ground movement and its rapid deterioration, government officials are strongly recommending that residents and visitors stay away from the area.
•    The affected area of the landslide represents an immediate and life­threatening hazard for individuals who enter the area.

Fencing in White Point Nature Preserve
•    Due to the extremely dangerous site conditions, the City will be installing a fence adjacent to the nature trail in White Point Nature Preserve closest to the slide area. The purpose of this fence will be to preserve the safety of residents in the surrounding communities who may not be aware of the hazardous conditions. Installation of the fence will begin on Friday, November 11, 2011. It is expected to take approximately one week to complete the fence installation.
•    In addition to fencing off the site area, the City is commissioning a wide variety of signage to be placed around the project area to warn of the potential for catastrophe.
•    Residents and visitors to the Nature Preserve will still have access to the popular trails in the park that remain unaffected by the landslide.

Utility Relocations
•    The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is currently working to relocate a stormwater drain that previously ran through Paseo del Mar. The pipe is being relocated along an existing service road away from the slide area.
•    Sewer and water lines remain capped, and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is relocating power lines currently situated along the unstable hillsides. LADWP has completed temporary installation of overhead electric lines and wooden utility poles northeast of the Paseo Del Mar landslide inside the White Point Nature Preserve. The existing electrical lines that are supported on utility poles along Paseo Del Mar in the slide area have been de‐energized.
•    The de‐energized high voltage lines will be removed along Paseo Del Mar from Weymouth to the west for several hundred feet. The immediate area around the slide has been deemed hazardous for crews to work; therefore the wire on these poles will remain. AT&T of California and Cox Communications have been notified of the urgency and are working to remove their facilities on the utility poles. The utilities will coordinate a strategy for removal of the wooden poles.
•    Existing pole‐mounted street lights outside the hazard area will be left on and pole‐ mounted area lights have been installed to illuminate the landslide area.

Further Geotechnical Study
•    A geotechnical study will establish the extent of the failure below the ground and identify weak and susceptible rock structure. It will enable the City to place monitoring instruments within the ground to evaluate where the surrounding land is stable. Proposals for this work will be solicited from geotechnical consultants. The solicitation will be released as early as Monday, November 14, 2011.
•    From the time a task order is awarded, the field work is expected to take approximately 2 months, and a final report with conclusions and recommendations will be prepared after 6 months of instrumentation readings are taken.
•    The City has funding for a previously approved project for repairs on Paseo del Mar that will no longer be needed given the subsurface conditions. The already budgeted funds can be redirected to the geotechnical study without any additional actions and are available to fund the contract once a geotechnical consultant is selected.

Public Services
•    The Fire Department is aware of the road closure and has prepared an alternate route for emergency responses that would normally utilize Paseo del Mar. It has been determined that using this alternate route will have a negligible delay on response time to the area. All fire stations in the San Pedro area have been alerted of the hazard and are ready to respond to site related emergencies.
•    LAPD will provide extra patrol to the project area to address vandalism of city equipment and monitor for trespassers. The watch commanders have directed the area patrols to issue citations to any citizen disobeying the posted signage in order to avoid potential accidents at the project site.

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Paseo del Mar Update as of November 9, 2011

1. The County of Los Angeles has completed relocation of the chain link fence placed in front of the City of Los Angeles’ K-rails on both ends of the project.  Also, the orange mesh presently following the trail will be supplemented with a chain link fence to prevent access to areas with large, deep cracks and crevices

2.  The street furniture on the south side of Paseo del Mar has been moved and city departments are reviewing potential relocation sites.

3. The City’s Department of Water of Power has constructed additional sidewalks west of the power pole to ensure ADA compliance.

4. The County anticipates completing the construction of the west bypass by the end of November.  They estimate that the east bypass construction will be completed in late December.

5. The City’s Bureau of Engineering (BOE) has submitted an application to the City Administrative Officer (CAO) requesting funding for a geotechnical consultant to perform a comprehensive study of the Paseo Del Mar and the surrounding area.   Staff from the Mayor’s Office and Council District 15 are assisting BOE in expediting the funding request.

Additional updates:
•    The Mayor’s office is coordinating its city departments to address issues/questions that were brought up at the Palisades special meeting on November 7.

•    City and County are working together to provide updates and more answers to questions that were brought up at the meeting

Storm Drain Updates
Realignment of Storm Drains: 54-inch diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe Storm Drain:
•    The 54-inch pipe on the western end of the Paseo Del Mar closure has been connected to a new 42-inch pipe that extends from the top of the slope to the toe at the existing access road. The pipe is being installed on the surface of the existing access road and will outlet at the beach at the end of the access road when completed.
•    Two existing catch basins on Paseo Del Mar are being connected to the pipe. Once completed, the realigned storm drain will convey storm and nuisance water away from the slide area and down to the ocean.
•    After today (11/09/11), the only major remaining construction items will be the installation of a 24-inch lateral pipe, anchors and slurry backfill.

84-inch diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe Storm Drain:
•    The existing pipe has been cut and a portion removed just west of Weymouth Avenue. A bypass line has been installed across the cut portion to carry storm and nuisance water into the existing pipe that travels west on Paseo Del Mar then down the existing access road to the ocean.
•    A new trench has been excavated and a 66-inch pipe has been installed to the top of the slope, perpendicular to the location of where the 84-inch pipe has been cut.
•    During the next three to four weeks, construction will focus on the installation of the remaining two 36-inch pipes down the slope to the beach. The pipes will be anchored to the side of the slope. At the toe of the slope, large one-ton rocks will be placed to serve as a dissipating structure for the two pipes.

Additional County Work:
•    The County contractor is in the process of removing all traffic related signs within the construction area and storing them for future use by the City of Los Angeles.
•    The County contractor has also relocated a concrete bench and trash receptacle near the slide area to a safe location for storage and future use.

Construction Schedule:
The current schedule is to complete all work related to the realignment of the storm drains by the middle of December barring any delays due to weather or unexpected issues. The contractor is currently working seven days a week, starting at 7:00 a.m. Monday to Friday, and 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

White Point Landslide Links and Contacts

The PRA has put together a comprehensive list of website links, news articles and government contacts so that residents may better find information regarding the White Point landslide.

If you have any additional landslide information that could be useful for our neighbors, please feel free to add it in the comments below. Check back frequently for updates.


Updated landslide articles and information


Coordinated Agency Recovery Effort (C.A.R.E.)

C.A.R.E. History of Paseo del Mar Landslides


Coverage of our beloved Paseo del Mar tragedy has spanned internationally. These links are provided for the convenience of our residents. We will continue to sort and add for improved navigation.

Post Slide, from 11.21.11 – representing approximately 5% of the coverage.




















FOX 11


11/16/11 ABC 7 San Pedro Coastal Landslide Worsens (slide show)

11/16/11 Don Knabe’s Twitter photo gallery and Facebook photo gallery (different photos)

11/16/11 San Pedro News Pilot Los Angeles City and County officials visit San Pedro landslide at Paseo Del Mar (with video)

11/16/11 South Bay Pipeline (Daily Breeze) San Pedro landslide: Getting worse

11/15/11 ABC 7 San Pedro landslide worsens; area fenced off (video)

11/15/11 Fox L.A. Slow-Moving San Pedro Landslide Worsens (with video from Paseo del Mar and Way-mouth)

11/15/11 KTLA San Pedro Landslide Called ‘Life-threatening Hazard’

11/14/11 Daily Breeze Paseo del Mar land movement now officially a landslide

11/14/11 KTLA San Pedro Slide Called a Deadly Hazard (video)

11/14/11 L.A. Times article San Pedro landslide called ‘life-threatening hazard’

11/14/11 L.A. Times photo gallery Cracks and fissures along a San Pedro coastal road

11/14/11 LAist San Pedro Landslide Deemed ‘An Immediate & Life-Threatening Hazard’

11/14/11 NBC L.A. San Pedro Landslide Grows

11/04/11 L.A. Times Work crews hustle as San Pedro bluff slides slowly into the sea

11/01/11 Daily Breeze Crews begin relocating power poles in sinkhole area to White Point

10/25/11 Daily Breeze L.A. city officials to ask for consultant to analyze Paseo del Mar slide (article removed)

10/24/11 Daily Breeze Work resumes at Paseo del Mar sinkhole site; new fissures seen

10/13/11 Daily Breeze Sinkhole extent is unknown

10/08/11 KTLA Popular Road Closed Due To Landslide Threat

10/07/11 Daily Breeze Paseo del Mar section now closed to foot traffic and bicycles as well

10/06/11 Daily Breeze Crews work to pump water from sinkhole during rains

10/05/11 CBS 2 Officials: Storm Could Trigger ‘Potential Landslide’ In San Pedro

10/05/11 Daily Breeze Fear of landslide shuts down Paseo del Mar near Western Ave.

09/29/11 ABC 7 Sinkhole closes Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro

09/29/11 CBS 2 More Sinkholes Spreading Along San Pedro Roadway

09/29/11 Daily Breeze City officials assessing shifting Paseo del Mar land revealed by sinkhole

09/29/11 KTLA Sinkhole, Cracks Spark Fears of Landslide in San Pedro

09/27/11 Daily Breeze Sinkhole problem turns serious

09/19/11 CBS 2 Sinkhole Shuts Down Street In San Pedro

09/19/11 Daily Breeze Sinkhole prompts closure of section of Paseo del Mar in San Pedro


10/27/11 The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker Guest Blog: Paseo Del Mar Landslide

10/24/11 The Pipeline More fissures in the White Point Nature Preserve next to Paseo del Mar?

10/21/11 San Pedro Sinkhole Could the sinkhole and landslide be caused by drains coming from the nature preserve / old military installation?


PRA Flickr Photos

Video and Photos by mmarquez

San Pedro Sinkhole Pictures taken at the Nature preserve – storm drains and old underground military installations

San Pedro Sinkhole Pictures taken from below – stormdrain and 2009 slide


Council District 15

Doane Liu, Chief of Staff

Tel: 213-473-2313

E-mail: councildistrict15@lacity.org

Dept. of Public Works

Lawrence Cuaresma, Harbor District Engineer

Tel: 310-732-4663

E-mail: lawrence.cuaresma@lacity.org

Cora Jackson-Fossett, Director, Public Affairs Office

Tel: (213) 978-0319

E-mail: cora.jackson@lacity.org

Dept. of Transportation

Crystal Killian, Transportation Engineer

Tel: 310-732-4599

E-mail: Crystal.Killian@lacity.org

L.A.P.D. Harbor Division

Evening “Eve” Wight, Sr. Lead Officer

Tel: 310 869 2168

E-mail: 37814@lapd.lacity.org

Mayor’s Office

Ricardo Hong, Harbor Area Director

Tel: 310-732-4632

E-mail: ricardo.hong@lacity.org


County Supervisor, 4th District, Don Knabe’s Office

Rebekah Kim, Field Deputy, San Pedro Field Office

Tel: 310-519-6021

E-mail: rkim@lacbos.org

Dept. of Public Works

Hector Bordas, Area Engineer, Flood Control District

Tel: (562) 861-0316

E-mail: hbordas@dpw.lacounty.gov

Information updated 11/17/2011

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Public Meeting on PV Outfall DDT/PCB Restoration

click on image to enlarge

Public meeting on PV outfall DDT/PCB restoration Plan Phase II

From the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council website – posted Nov 2, 2011 12:13 PM by Dean Pentcheff

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s “Montrose Settlements Restoration Program” (MSRP) announces a public meeting to present its “Draft Phase 2 Restoration Plan”. The meeting will be:
Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Time: Open house at 6:00pm; meeting begins at 6:30pm
Place: Point Vicente Interpretive Center, 31501 Palos Verdes Drive West, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Click for map)

For more information download the following pdf: Montrose Program Public Meeting Advisory_10_24_11.

Background: MSRP was developed in 2001 to oversee restoration of resources harmed by DDT and PCBs in the Southern California Bight. The six federal and state agencies that administer this program work with local resource agencies, non-profit organizations, scientists, and other technical experts to implement restoration projects and monitor recovery of resources that were harmed. MSRP, celebrating ten years of restoration planning and implementation this year, has many successes to share with the public and looks forward to continuing this important work in the future. For more information see: www.montroserestoration.gov .

Currently: The MSRP Trustees are seeking public review and comment on the Draft Phase 2 Restoration Plan. The plan includes proposed restoration projects for recovering natural resources harmed by DDTs and PCBs in the marine environment of southern California. At the upcoming public meeting, members of the public will learn about restoration projects that have been completed during Phase 1 restoration and what MSRP is proposing to do in the next phase. The official public comment period begins on October 17, 2011 and ends on December 19. The Draft Phase 2 Restoration Plan is available on our website to download for comment at www.montroserestoration.gov . Comments can be sent to msrp@noaa.gov .

Paseo del Mar Landslide Traffic Recommendations

The Traffic Committee of the Palisades Residents Association was formed to assure that our community speaks with one voice advising the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LA DOT) what is needed to improve the traffic challenges caused by the recent landslide on Paseo Del Mar.

The document below describes our current recommendations.

If you have any comments, we would like to have them before we submit the final version to the DOT on Monday, October 24th. You can e-mail them to Michael Browne at: MBROWNE@TorranceCA.gov

Thanks for your interest and participation.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Browne
Chair, Traffic Committee
Palisades Residents Association

Paseo Del Mar | Closure
PRA Traffic and Signage Team
revised 17 October 2011

Minimize non-resident traffic flow with early, clear and frequent notification of road closure


  • Inadequate signage to notify non-residents as they are entering the neighborhood regarding the closure of Paseo Del Mar.
  • Unsafe U-turn movements at the dead end of Paseo Del Mar and Weymouth.
  • Unsafe traffic flow onto Weymouth from excessive non-resident traffic.
  • Increased non-resident traffic on other neighborhood streets (i.e. Walker, Alma, Patton and 37th Street.)

Initial Recommendations:

  • Increase Signage
    – Large ‘ Road Closed Ahead’ / ‘Local Access Only’ / ‘No Thru Traffic’ signs on Paseo del Mar at Gaffey, Roxbury and Barbara; and at 25th Street and Western.
    – ‘Local Access Only ‘ signs on 25th street at Patton and Alma
    – ‘Dead End’ sign on Paseo Del Mar at Jackstadt and Barbara
    – Large ‘No Coastal Access’, ‘No Access to Western’ and No access to Royal Palms’ signs on Paseo Del Mar at Gaffey, Roxbury and Barbara
    – Place ‘Detour’ signs at Gaffey and 25th offering a route to Western and Royal Palms via 25th”
    – Do NOT place ‘Detour’ signs on Paseo Del Mar offering an alternative route.
  • Barricades / K-rails
    – Place barricades or K-rails and planters at Paseo Del Mar and Weymouth so vehicles can’t make an unsafe U-turn on Paseo, but still allowing access on northbound Weymouth

    – Convert the intersection at Paseo Del Mar and Barbara into a round-about allowing traffic to make a safe u-turn. The round-about would also slow down traffic sufficiently to allow for the elimination of the stop signs on Paseo Del Mar at Barbara.

Long Term Recommendations:

  • Declassify Paseo Del Mar as a secondary highway
  • Remove bike lanes along the length of Paseo Del Mar from Roxbury to Weymouth
  • Contact GPS mapping providers (i.e. Google / Yahoo) and advise of closure on Paseo Del Mar
  • Mark the entrance to the neighborhood at Roxbury and Paseo Del Mar with distinctive road striping and enriched paving strips

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