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2014-15 CSPNC Selections – Get on Board!

Opportunity for Palisades Residents…


Councilman on crack

city_engineer_aerialAs expected, Councilman Buscaino’s office issued a statement regarding the newly discovered crack at the White Point landslide.

“Last week, work crews under the supervision of the Bureau of Engineering uncovered a crack eight feet below the surface while performing excavation work at the White Point Landslide in San Pedro. While we do not know how long the crack has been there, the preliminary investigation determined that there has been no additional earth movement since the landslide in November of 2011.

A more detailed geotechnical analysis is being conducted and should be complete in about a week. The current work to drain and stabilize the hillside is unaffected and remains on schedule.

The safety of the hillside continues to be my top priority. That’s why I support the recommendation from the White Point Landslide Advisory Committee to restore the roadway with a retaining wall that will maximize the safety and stability of the entire area,” said Councilman Joe Buscaino who represents the Los Angeles’ 15th Council District.

Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council Board (S)Elections Tomorrow

That’s right – don’t forget – CSPNC Board (S)Elections are 11:00 – 3:00 at the White Point Nature Preserve Education Center… Help keep the momentum of our CSPNC’s hard work for Palisades Residents! Public Safety, Landslide Traffic, SPHS Olguin Campus Developments, – it’s been quite a year…

Candidate Statements / Bios can be seen by clicking here…

Look for your copy of CSPNC’s Coastal Currents in your mailbox today.


CSPNC Board Seats Open, (S)Elections at WPNP

Just in case you didn’t see the “Get on Board” mailer, need an extra push or see an announcement in some form of media, Governing Board Seats on the 2013-2014 Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council are up for (S)Election on May 18 at the White Point Nature Preserve Nature Center from 10:00 – 3:00. Free refreshments, Naturalists and of course, voting!

But before that happens, you still have a few days to submit your name to be publicized via CSPNC’s Coastal Currents to the entire neighborhood – to be voted on.

You gotta admit (with PRA’s help and initiation of several key issues affecting us), CSPNC has done a stellar job serving this neck of the woods on behalf of the residents and is a good place to bring issues needing solving. Maybe it’s your time to lead.

Go to cspnc.org and see what is involved!

At the very least, there will be announcements soon re: the PRA Board, Annual Meeting, and yes, dues! Membership is an integral part of the fuel that drives the communication in this neighborhood.

White Point Landslide Progress

Here’s a report from Bruce Biesman-Simons. PRA’s posting this is a little dated, however Bruce provides an accurate account related to the status of the White Point Landslide – one year later…

Work is in progress to make the area safer, at least temporarily.

The top edge of the scarp – the fracture line on the land side has been “laid back” at a 1:1 slope. Essentially the adobe layer down to the initial “bedrock” of Monterrey shale.

Most of the asphalt and concrete has been removed from the top of the “island” – except around the now famous palm tree.

Big concrete pipes have been removed from the beach.

The remainder of the debris is being removed from the “graben” – the low area between the scarp and the “island”.

The bottom of the graben is being graded so that there is positive drainage toward the ocean.

They plan to create an area near the west end of the graben to allow sediment to settle before it discharges onto the beach/ocean.

They plan to begin drilling and installing sub-terranean perforated drainage pipes at the southwest corner of the preserve starting in December. Intent is to prevent sub-terranean water buildup adjacent to Weymouth Ave. and nearby houses.

In early 2013, they plan to begin drilling and installing tie-back anchors to stabilize the coastal bluff face between the landslide and Weymouth Ave.

Palisades Point of View – October

Landslide Advisory Progress

Updates for Palisades residents will continue regarding the engineering developments within the slide area and more so, solutions to reopen Paseo Del Mar, will be posted here, following the first of a handful of new Advisory Board meetings held by Councilman Joe Buscaino and the Bureau of Engineering on Monday.

These meetings arrive on the heels of all the hard work by City and County agencies, the pro-active CSPNC adhoc Landslide Committee, your PRA Board and Traffic Committee – and you, the Palisades resident.

No matter which option is chosen for fixing and reopening Paseo Del Mar (no current timetable), it would appear that some of the traffic flow improvements and beautification enhancements proposed years ago by the PRA Board for Paseo and neighborhood may be in sight.

SPHS Olguin Campus Update

SPHS Olguin Campus Administrators have decided to open the Alma Street entrance during full operating hours, (7:00 am to 5:00 pm, on school days beginning November 26, in addition to the six one-way bus trips during lunch and nutrition used since the campus opened.

While traffic has nearly doubled since the closure of Paseo del Mar due to the White Point landslide, still in consideration is which entrance buses will be used at the start and end of the school day. Also, with the gate opened, parents are directed to drive onto the campus, drop off students, then exit – rather than an Alma Street “drop-off”.

While there are multiple challenges, additional considerations and potential actions by CD15 include a new EIR, Speed Humps on Alma and extending the sidewalk on Alma to 37th.

The Traffic Guard is reinstated on Gaffey Street and 32nd Street to assist students crossing Gaffey.

PRA welcomes Fall for White Point Home Tour & Reception in October

Fall for White Point Home Tour & Reception
Sunday, October 14, 2012 | 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, Reception 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Whether you prefer modern, traditional or slightly quirky, you’ll see something you love on this self-guided tour of seven distinctive San Pedro homes. Also part of the tour is the environmentally friendly Southern California Marine Exchange facility, a must-see for those interested in the comings and goings at the Port.

Hosted by the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy and the White Point Committee, this annual event includes a reception with wine/hors d’oeuvres, silent art auction and live music at the White Point Nature Education Center, 1600 Paseo del Mar in San Pedro. Tickets: $50.00 per person in advance at White Point Home Tour Link or $55 on day of tour at White Point Nature Preserve. Call 310.541.7613 for more information.

White Point Landslide Geotechnical Report on Monday

Yes, that’s right, it’s almost here.

Originally scheduled for mid April, City of Los Angeles Engineer Gary Lee Moore will present findings of the geotechnical report about the White Point Landslide at a public meeting this Monday, June 18, 6:30 PM at White Point Elementary School Auditorium at 1410 Silvius Avenue.

As we understand it, the report will detail factors that contributed to the slide, as well as proposed repair options, along with estimated costs associated with each. The written report will be available the following day, on the Dept. of Engineering website.

Interestingly, Community leaders and elected Board members from Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council, CSPNC ad hoc Landslide Committee – who serve the City, nor your PRA Board, and/or PRA Traffic Committee, have not been provided or debriefed with this information or consulted with in preparation for this meeting. This means we’re all hearing it for the first time at the same time.

Your CSPNC and PRA Boards will hold their monthly meetings at the regularly scheduled times. CSPNC will hold their Board Session also at 6:30 Monday night 06.19 at the Cabrillo Marina Community Room.

White Point Landslide Latest Coverage

NBC Los Angeles
San Pedro Slide Zone Braces for Rain
Paseo Del Mar is off limits and it could get worse with an impending weekend storm

Rain Threatens to Send San Pedro Cliff Sliding Again

CBS Los Angeles
San Pedro Residents Around Landslide Area Brace For Wet Weather

Tonight – CSPNC White Point Landslide Committee Mtg

All Neighbors Invited –

Where: Cetacean Room, Point Fermin Park
When: 5:00 pm

1) Call to order, 5PM
2) Volunteer for Recording of Minutes
3) Introductions
4) Public comment on non-agenda items
5) New Concerns
6) Agency Update, 5:30PM

a. Current status (e.g., stabilization, utilities, lighting, equipment, traffic routing as applicable);
b. Plans for removal of debris from upper area and of displaced storm drains at ocean’s edge;
c. Potential impacts from/on Proposed Sanitation Districts Clearwater Project
d. Intermediate Plans;
e. Long Range Plans and/or Options; and,
f. Actions where we might be able to help responsible agencies.
7) Items/Planning for Next Agenda/Meeting

The PRA Board will reconvene on Wednesday 04.11.12 @ 7:00 – with the Landslide remaining front and center, along with its enhanced membership communication plan and other initiatives.

Here are the initial recommendations your PRA Traffic Committee communicated to the CSPNC Committee:


➢ Minimize non-resident traffic and parking issues.
➢ Ensure safe traffic flow through out the neighborhood.
➢ Direct non-resident traffic to the Nature Preserve and White Point.

PRA Board Recommendations:

➢ Round-about at Paseo Del Mar and Weymouth
o City reports indicate the area is stable.
o Place round-about in the wide area just within the current fencing.
o Do not allow parking – red curbs and/or no parking signs.
o Install energy efficient lighting to assist nighttime traffic.
o Remove temporary fencing and replace with fencing consistent with current fencing on Paseo Del Mar.
o Low cost solution.

➢ Nature Preserve / White Point Signage
o Place directional signs for the Nature Preserve and White Point at 25th Street / Gaffey and 25th Street and Western.
o Signs should decrease traffic in the residential area for visitors to the Nature Preserve and Landslide viewers.

➢ Round-about at Paseo Del Mar and Barbara
o Convert the intersection into a round-about allowing traffic to make a safe u-turn.
o The round-about should slow down traffic sufficiently to allow for the elimination of the stop signs on Paseo Del Mar at Barbara.

➢ Nature Preserve and Landslide look-out
o Place an elevated look-out on the White Point side of the landslide to allow the viewing the landslide area.
o The look-out will bring more people to the Nature Preserve where there is adequate parking.
o Should reduce currently impacted residential parking on the Weymouth side of the landslide.

➢ Widening of Hamilton Ave between Barbara and Patton
o Resolve easement issue and make Hamilton a safe width for the increased traffic due to the closure of Paseo Del Mar.


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