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Hamilton Avenue Hearing

Widening Hamilton Avenue solves multiple resident challenges of a more comprehensive solution.

June 3 is the date at 12:30. San Pedro Public Library is the place.

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Notice of Public Hearing

2014-15 CSPNC Selections – Get on Board!

Opportunity for Palisades Residents…


Frown or Browne?

Palisades Residents – today’s the day! Join fellow residents and public officials sharing + providing Public Safety, Traffic and Neighborhood Watch solutions. See you at the Elks.


Here’s today’s updated Panel schedule…

Councilman on crack

city_engineer_aerialAs expected, Councilman Buscaino’s office issued a statement regarding the newly discovered crack at the White Point landslide.

“Last week, work crews under the supervision of the Bureau of Engineering uncovered a crack eight feet below the surface while performing excavation work at the White Point Landslide in San Pedro. While we do not know how long the crack has been there, the preliminary investigation determined that there has been no additional earth movement since the landslide in November of 2011.

A more detailed geotechnical analysis is being conducted and should be complete in about a week. The current work to drain and stabilize the hillside is unaffected and remains on schedule.

The safety of the hillside continues to be my top priority. That’s why I support the recommendation from the White Point Landslide Advisory Committee to restore the roadway with a retaining wall that will maximize the safety and stability of the entire area,” said Councilman Joe Buscaino who represents the Los Angeles’ 15th Council District.

New White Point Landslide cracks develop

White Point Landslide 20131104-6970
Yesterday, after learning new cracks emerged in the White Point Landslide area, Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) made immediate contact with the necessary agencies (mainly CD15 and Bureau of Engineering), for the safety of the residents and general public in the event of another incident, and will be monitoring / communicating the situation to stakeholders and Palisades residents as it develops or learns more.

Photo courtesy of Blaine Beron-Rawdon

CSPNC Board Seats Open, (S)Elections at WPNP

Just in case you didn’t see the “Get on Board” mailer, need an extra push or see an announcement in some form of media, Governing Board Seats on the 2013-2014 Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council are up for (S)Election on May 18 at the White Point Nature Preserve Nature Center from 10:00 – 3:00. Free refreshments, Naturalists and of course, voting!

But before that happens, you still have a few days to submit your name to be publicized via CSPNC’s Coastal Currents to the entire neighborhood – to be voted on.

You gotta admit (with PRA’s help and initiation of several key issues affecting us), CSPNC has done a stellar job serving this neck of the woods on behalf of the residents and is a good place to bring issues needing solving. Maybe it’s your time to lead.

Go to cspnc.org and see what is involved!

At the very least, there will be announcements soon re: the PRA Board, Annual Meeting, and yes, dues! Membership is an integral part of the fuel that drives the communication in this neighborhood.

San Pedro Emergency Preparedness Fair

Sponsored by your Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council and produced by Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council, Palisades residents are invited to the FREE San Pedro Emergency Preparedness Fair. Meet the people who can save you in an emergency; learn the simple skills that can help you save yourself and your family; and build peace of mind by preparing now before there is an emergency.

October 20th
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Peck Park Community Center
560 N. Western Avenue

No one likes to think about emergencies and disasters, but after a disaster, it’s too late to prepare. To show you all the great gear and supplies to meet your needs, local businesses and organizations are offering exhibits, workshops and seminars–all free.

Sleep better at night, prepare now!

Learn about the USGS/CalTech earthquake early warning system
Get a free blood pressure screenings by the Red Cross
See the Red Cross emergency rescue vehicle
Gain valuable tips from the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management
Department and FEMA
Learn how to prepare dehydrated meals over a camp stove
Learn how medical centers operate in disaster mode
Learn how to prepare you boat for an emergency
Learn about emergency preparedness for your pets
Bring the children to visit the fire and police vehicles
Learn about FRS, GMRS and “ham” radios and how they can help you stay in
Meet local Police, Fire, medical and city emergency preparedness personnel
Enter the free drawing for backpacks with emergency supplies
Get that edge

Bring your family, group of friends and your neighbors; most people who survive disasters are saved by other survivors, so learn together. Remember, in a major disaster the police and fire will be overwhelmed; prepare now to survive the critical hours until they can reach you. Learn how to move yourself and family to safer zones or how to shelter in place for each possible scenario. The more you know, the less you need to worry about.

Grab your gear

Get hands on experience with the key elements of preparedness: water, shelter, safety, first aid, food, and communications. Learn what you need at home, in your car (so you can get home or get away) and always at hand.

The San Pedro Emergency Preparedness Fair is a project of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council with the support of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council and the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council. Visit PrepareSanPedro.org for the schedule of workshops, list of exhibitors, up to the minute details and contact information.

White Point Landslide Report now available

After months of galvanizing. collaborative community and neighborhood leadership by Terry Miller, Dave Behar, Mike Browne, Richard Havenick and the Coastal Neighborhood ad hoc Landslide Committee, the City’s Engineering Team and related agencies, including Council District 15, have released the report we have been waiting for.

Department of Engineering committed to completing the Palisades Residents Association initiated “turnarounds” at the ends of Paseo Del Mar, within the next few months for the needed temporary traffic flow and crime mitigation solution.

The White Point Landslide Report is now available at: http://eng.lacity.org/whitepoint/whitepointlandslide.htm

Preliminary (new) FAQ form the City:
1. Is the land currently stable?
Yes. No movement has been detected since the November landslide.

2. What are the causes?
Water and gravity. Precipitation, irrigation, and to a lesser extent, coastal bluff erosion may have contributed to the development of the White Point Landslide. Residential development in the area may have also contributed to the landslide because of its influence on groundwater infiltration.

3. What needs to be done immediately to protect the area around the slide?
Dewatering, ground anchors, and grading should be done before the next rain season. This will cost $6 to $7 million and will be undertaken immediately by the City.

4. What are the options for long term remedies?

1) re-routing the road around a landslide buffer zone ($4 to $8 million)
2) partially re-grading the landslide debris and adjacent area to restore the road to its previous alignment across the existing landslide ($4 to 8 million)
3) supporting the road at its previous alignment with a soil buttress ($42 to $50 million)
4) supporting the road with a retaining wall ($22 to $27 million)
5) or spanning the landslide with a bridge ($57 to $62 million)

These 5 options have obvious financial concerns and some legal implications that will need to be considered in the upcoming months. Most importantly, the public will be consulted to come up with the best solution for the immediate neighborhood and the community at large.

Tonight – CSPNC White Point Landslide Committee Mtg

All Neighbors Invited –

Where: Cetacean Room, Point Fermin Park
When: 5:00 pm

1) Call to order, 5PM
2) Volunteer for Recording of Minutes
3) Introductions
4) Public comment on non-agenda items
5) New Concerns
6) Agency Update, 5:30PM

a. Current status (e.g., stabilization, utilities, lighting, equipment, traffic routing as applicable);
b. Plans for removal of debris from upper area and of displaced storm drains at ocean’s edge;
c. Potential impacts from/on Proposed Sanitation Districts Clearwater Project
d. Intermediate Plans;
e. Long Range Plans and/or Options; and,
f. Actions where we might be able to help responsible agencies.
7) Items/Planning for Next Agenda/Meeting

The PRA Board will reconvene on Wednesday 04.11.12 @ 7:00 – with the Landslide remaining front and center, along with its enhanced membership communication plan and other initiatives.

Here are the initial recommendations your PRA Traffic Committee communicated to the CSPNC Committee:


➢ Minimize non-resident traffic and parking issues.
➢ Ensure safe traffic flow through out the neighborhood.
➢ Direct non-resident traffic to the Nature Preserve and White Point.

PRA Board Recommendations:

➢ Round-about at Paseo Del Mar and Weymouth
o City reports indicate the area is stable.
o Place round-about in the wide area just within the current fencing.
o Do not allow parking – red curbs and/or no parking signs.
o Install energy efficient lighting to assist nighttime traffic.
o Remove temporary fencing and replace with fencing consistent with current fencing on Paseo Del Mar.
o Low cost solution.

➢ Nature Preserve / White Point Signage
o Place directional signs for the Nature Preserve and White Point at 25th Street / Gaffey and 25th Street and Western.
o Signs should decrease traffic in the residential area for visitors to the Nature Preserve and Landslide viewers.

➢ Round-about at Paseo Del Mar and Barbara
o Convert the intersection into a round-about allowing traffic to make a safe u-turn.
o The round-about should slow down traffic sufficiently to allow for the elimination of the stop signs on Paseo Del Mar at Barbara.

➢ Nature Preserve and Landslide look-out
o Place an elevated look-out on the White Point side of the landslide to allow the viewing the landslide area.
o The look-out will bring more people to the Nature Preserve where there is adequate parking.
o Should reduce currently impacted residential parking on the Weymouth side of the landslide.

➢ Widening of Hamilton Ave between Barbara and Patton
o Resolve easement issue and make Hamilton a safe width for the increased traffic due to the closure of Paseo Del Mar.

The “Giant Voice” speaks today and tomorrow

Los Angeles Air Force Base housing at Fort MacArthur (Pt. Fermin Area), Pacific Crest and Pacific Heights (Palisades area) in San Pedro will be conducting tests of the Giant Voice system today and tomorrow, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The “Giant Voice” system is the new mass notification system of exterior speakers, and is the primary means of communicating with base housing personnel during an event that may require timely action.

Residents in the vicinity near the housing areas may hear the test
announcements and should not be alarmed.


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