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2014-15 CSPNC Selections – Get on Board!

Opportunity for Palisades Residents…


Frown or Browne?

Palisades Residents – today’s the day! Join fellow residents and public officials sharing + providing Public Safety, Traffic and Neighborhood Watch solutions. See you at the Elks.


Here’s today’s updated Panel schedule…

Residents invited to PRA Board Mtg this Thursday Eve

Palisades Residents are welcome to attend the PRA Board Meeting Thursday at the Marine Exchange Conference Room at 6:00 pm

Primary Topics:

0. Introductions
1. PRA Board Seat availability and Membership (10 min)
2. Upcoming Neighborhood Watch / Public Safety initiatives (10 min)
3. White Point Landslide update and position (30 min)
4. Palisades Area Street Solutions (30 min)
5. PRA Annual Meeting Planning and 2014 Schedule (20 min)
6. Adjournment

Please comment here or respond with any topics you would like added to the Agenda that are not listed above. The meeting will adjourn promptly at 8:30.

Silvius Security Soiree on Saturday

The Block Party redefined…

If you’re in the Silvius / 36th / Hamilton triangle, you’ve received several e-mails, posts, re: tomorrow
Here’s the Daily Breeze article.

CSPNC Board Seats Open, (S)Elections at WPNP

Just in case you didn’t see the “Get on Board” mailer, need an extra push or see an announcement in some form of media, Governing Board Seats on the 2013-2014 Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council are up for (S)Election on May 18 at the White Point Nature Preserve Nature Center from 10:00 – 3:00. Free refreshments, Naturalists and of course, voting!

But before that happens, you still have a few days to submit your name to be publicized via CSPNC’s Coastal Currents to the entire neighborhood – to be voted on.

You gotta admit (with PRA’s help and initiation of several key issues affecting us), CSPNC has done a stellar job serving this neck of the woods on behalf of the residents and is a good place to bring issues needing solving. Maybe it’s your time to lead.

Go to cspnc.org and see what is involved!

At the very least, there will be announcements soon re: the PRA Board, Annual Meeting, and yes, dues! Membership is an integral part of the fuel that drives the communication in this neighborhood.

CSPNC | January Motions near the Ocean

Three motions were passed during the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council last week that is of interest to Palisades Residents.

They are:

PUBLIC SAFETY MOTION | Alma Street Signage

The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests that the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation immediately post weight limit signs on Alma Street entering from 25th Street and also from 37th Street, and that those weight restrictions be enforced by LAPD Traffic Patrol officers.


Whereas the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services and Bureau of Engineering, and Department of Transportation have identified numerous structural deficiencies on Alma Street between 25th Street and 37th Street, and

Whereas Los Angeles Police Department records document accident rates on this section of Alma Street far exceed the combined total of all Proposed Bond Eligible Streets in the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council District, and

Because the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council is aware of and concerned by the public safety issues identified by Los Angeles City and County agencies,

Therefore, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests a meeting with CD15 and representatives from the above mentioned departments to re-designate Alma Street between 25th Street and 37th Street from a Proposed Bond Eligible Street to a Priority Street so that funds can be allocated to make required repairs immediately, or, to close Alma Street to local traffic only until all public safety hazards can be mitigated.

LANDSLIDE MOTION | White Point ad hoc Landslide Committee

Whereas the County of Los Angeles Coastal Development Permit No. 5-12-28 applicable to the newly rerouted storm drains at 1600 South Paseo Del Mar (east of White Point Landslide) includes the statement, “Once a final decision has been made regarding the repair of Paseo Del Mar, the Los Angeles County Flood Control District intends to develop and implement plans to relocate the storm drains to a location and alignment that is compatible with the repair to Paseo Del Mar, and will submit a separate application for a permit from the Coastal Commission for such work at that time.”

Therefore be it resolved, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests the California Coastal Commission and County of Los Angeles ensure that the referenced storm drains be replaced as soon as possible with a solution that eliminates the negative effects resulting from the current storm drains, including erosion, threat to public safety (the current above-ground piping is used as a stairway), and aesthetics in the otherwise beautiful coastal bluff area.

Further be it resolved, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests that the City Council District 15 support the above CSPNC request as stated to the California Coastal Commission and the County of Los Angeles.


More is coming down the pipeline from the highly effective CSPNC White Point Landslide and Public Safety Committees which we’ll report it here.

PRA Members are busy serving on the CSPNC Board and Committees for all of our benefit. Stay tuned for a PRA Annual Meeting notice.

Palisades Point of View – November

As November comes to a close – Happy Thanksgiving! Warm, healthy, holiday wishes to you and your family…

Here’s a couple of updates for you:

Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Watch – plugged into LAPD. If you have not already added yourself (Facebook account needed), now’s the time. Very informative and relatively up to the minute for residents of the Palisades, South Shores and General Vicinity.


Watch the (City’s) latest update on the “stabilization” progress. Many residents are increasingly interested in the original cause, in addition to the preparation of one of the couple of road restoration options and interim activity leading up to it.

Well-spoken Stars of the Show: Palisades very own Mike Browne and Peggy Lindquist.


That’s right – the Corner Store is delivering once again – a great neighborhood event on December 21, beginning at 5:30. Make sure to check out all the very cool, popular kids and local Holiday gift items available in store beforehand though, as they are likely to be sold out by the 21st!


Details next month… Pay your dues and get / stay engaged.

White Point Landslide Report now available

After months of galvanizing. collaborative community and neighborhood leadership by Terry Miller, Dave Behar, Mike Browne, Richard Havenick and the Coastal Neighborhood ad hoc Landslide Committee, the City’s Engineering Team and related agencies, including Council District 15, have released the report we have been waiting for.

Department of Engineering committed to completing the Palisades Residents Association initiated “turnarounds” at the ends of Paseo Del Mar, within the next few months for the needed temporary traffic flow and crime mitigation solution.

The White Point Landslide Report is now available at: http://eng.lacity.org/whitepoint/whitepointlandslide.htm

Preliminary (new) FAQ form the City:
1. Is the land currently stable?
Yes. No movement has been detected since the November landslide.

2. What are the causes?
Water and gravity. Precipitation, irrigation, and to a lesser extent, coastal bluff erosion may have contributed to the development of the White Point Landslide. Residential development in the area may have also contributed to the landslide because of its influence on groundwater infiltration.

3. What needs to be done immediately to protect the area around the slide?
Dewatering, ground anchors, and grading should be done before the next rain season. This will cost $6 to $7 million and will be undertaken immediately by the City.

4. What are the options for long term remedies?

1) re-routing the road around a landslide buffer zone ($4 to $8 million)
2) partially re-grading the landslide debris and adjacent area to restore the road to its previous alignment across the existing landslide ($4 to 8 million)
3) supporting the road at its previous alignment with a soil buttress ($42 to $50 million)
4) supporting the road with a retaining wall ($22 to $27 million)
5) or spanning the landslide with a bridge ($57 to $62 million)

These 5 options have obvious financial concerns and some legal implications that will need to be considered in the upcoming months. Most importantly, the public will be consulted to come up with the best solution for the immediate neighborhood and the community at large.

Thursday Police Log, 11/17/11

There was one item from the Palisades neighborhood in today’s Daily Breeze police log:

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 8, 3000 block of South Leland Street. Black two-door 1999 Ford Ranger.

Our neighbors, South Shores, had an unusual incident occur on Tuesday, November 8th:

Assault. 11 p.m. Nov. 8, street/parkway, 25th Street and Anchovy Avenue. An unknown number of assailants, all with brass knuckles, attacked a 28-year-old man. The extent of his injuries, if any, was not in the report.


“…it appears to be an isolated incident, and does not appear to be the beginning of a crime trend.”

Thank you Officer Wight!

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White Point Landslide Links and Contacts

The PRA has put together a comprehensive list of website links, news articles and government contacts so that residents may better find information regarding the White Point landslide.

If you have any additional landslide information that could be useful for our neighbors, please feel free to add it in the comments below. Check back frequently for updates.


Updated landslide articles and information


Coordinated Agency Recovery Effort (C.A.R.E.)

C.A.R.E. History of Paseo del Mar Landslides


Coverage of our beloved Paseo del Mar tragedy has spanned internationally. These links are provided for the convenience of our residents. We will continue to sort and add for improved navigation.

Post Slide, from 11.21.11 – representing approximately 5% of the coverage.




















FOX 11


11/16/11 ABC 7 San Pedro Coastal Landslide Worsens (slide show)

11/16/11 Don Knabe’s Twitter photo gallery and Facebook photo gallery (different photos)

11/16/11 San Pedro News Pilot Los Angeles City and County officials visit San Pedro landslide at Paseo Del Mar (with video)

11/16/11 South Bay Pipeline (Daily Breeze) San Pedro landslide: Getting worse

11/15/11 ABC 7 San Pedro landslide worsens; area fenced off (video)

11/15/11 Fox L.A. Slow-Moving San Pedro Landslide Worsens (with video from Paseo del Mar and Way-mouth)

11/15/11 KTLA San Pedro Landslide Called ‘Life-threatening Hazard’

11/14/11 Daily Breeze Paseo del Mar land movement now officially a landslide

11/14/11 KTLA San Pedro Slide Called a Deadly Hazard (video)

11/14/11 L.A. Times article San Pedro landslide called ‘life-threatening hazard’

11/14/11 L.A. Times photo gallery Cracks and fissures along a San Pedro coastal road

11/14/11 LAist San Pedro Landslide Deemed ‘An Immediate & Life-Threatening Hazard’

11/14/11 NBC L.A. San Pedro Landslide Grows

11/04/11 L.A. Times Work crews hustle as San Pedro bluff slides slowly into the sea

11/01/11 Daily Breeze Crews begin relocating power poles in sinkhole area to White Point

10/25/11 Daily Breeze L.A. city officials to ask for consultant to analyze Paseo del Mar slide (article removed)

10/24/11 Daily Breeze Work resumes at Paseo del Mar sinkhole site; new fissures seen

10/13/11 Daily Breeze Sinkhole extent is unknown

10/08/11 KTLA Popular Road Closed Due To Landslide Threat

10/07/11 Daily Breeze Paseo del Mar section now closed to foot traffic and bicycles as well

10/06/11 Daily Breeze Crews work to pump water from sinkhole during rains

10/05/11 CBS 2 Officials: Storm Could Trigger ‘Potential Landslide’ In San Pedro

10/05/11 Daily Breeze Fear of landslide shuts down Paseo del Mar near Western Ave.

09/29/11 ABC 7 Sinkhole closes Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro

09/29/11 CBS 2 More Sinkholes Spreading Along San Pedro Roadway

09/29/11 Daily Breeze City officials assessing shifting Paseo del Mar land revealed by sinkhole

09/29/11 KTLA Sinkhole, Cracks Spark Fears of Landslide in San Pedro

09/27/11 Daily Breeze Sinkhole problem turns serious

09/19/11 CBS 2 Sinkhole Shuts Down Street In San Pedro

09/19/11 Daily Breeze Sinkhole prompts closure of section of Paseo del Mar in San Pedro


10/27/11 The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker Guest Blog: Paseo Del Mar Landslide

10/24/11 The Pipeline More fissures in the White Point Nature Preserve next to Paseo del Mar?

10/21/11 San Pedro Sinkhole Could the sinkhole and landslide be caused by drains coming from the nature preserve / old military installation?


PRA Flickr Photos

Video and Photos by mmarquez

San Pedro Sinkhole Pictures taken at the Nature preserve – storm drains and old underground military installations

San Pedro Sinkhole Pictures taken from below – stormdrain and 2009 slide


Council District 15

Doane Liu, Chief of Staff

Tel: 213-473-2313

E-mail: councildistrict15@lacity.org

Dept. of Public Works

Lawrence Cuaresma, Harbor District Engineer

Tel: 310-732-4663

E-mail: lawrence.cuaresma@lacity.org

Cora Jackson-Fossett, Director, Public Affairs Office

Tel: (213) 978-0319

E-mail: cora.jackson@lacity.org

Dept. of Transportation

Crystal Killian, Transportation Engineer

Tel: 310-732-4599

E-mail: Crystal.Killian@lacity.org

L.A.P.D. Harbor Division

Evening “Eve” Wight, Sr. Lead Officer

Tel: 310 869 2168

E-mail: 37814@lapd.lacity.org

Mayor’s Office

Ricardo Hong, Harbor Area Director

Tel: 310-732-4632

E-mail: ricardo.hong@lacity.org


County Supervisor, 4th District, Don Knabe’s Office

Rebekah Kim, Field Deputy, San Pedro Field Office

Tel: 310-519-6021

E-mail: rkim@lacbos.org

Dept. of Public Works

Hector Bordas, Area Engineer, Flood Control District

Tel: (562) 861-0316

E-mail: hbordas@dpw.lacounty.gov

Information updated 11/17/2011

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