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2012-2014 PRA Board

Current Board Members

Dave Behar
Could be you!
Miriam Melton-Villanueva
Hugh McKinney
Pam Meisel | Chair, PRA Membership Committee
Miriam Melton-Villanueva | Chair, PRA Communications Committee
Michael Browne | Chair, PRA Traffic Committee
Lorraine McKinney | Board Member
Claudia Kreis | Board Member
Dylan Bruno | Board Member
Marissa Melling | Board Member

If you would like to volunteer one night a quarter to serve on the Palisades Residents’ Association Board please contact us. The more (talent) the merrier!

Let us know any comments you have about issues affecting the residents of the Palisades, submissions or updates to the website or general questions.

Many thanks go out to the following people who have volunteered their time to serve on the PRA board in the past (Presidents in blue):

Al Basiulis, Veralee Bassler, Edna Bay, Bruce Biesman-Simons, Larry Braslow, Dave Behar, Deborah Beron-Rawdon, Nathan Biernbaum, Michael Browne, Dylan Bruno, Sean Conlon, Mona Dallas Reddick, Diane DeFidelibus, Theresa Dulcich, Doug Epperhart, Anna Gladich, Joanne Hernandez, Bunny Holwerda, Anne Ingalls, Karen Lovy, Claudia Kreis, Danna McDonough, Susan McKenna, Hugh McKinney, Lorraine McKinney, Jeniffer McMullen, Pam Meisel, Marissa Melling, Miriam Melton-Villanueva, Terry Miller, Barbara Paige, Roger Paige, Noel Park, Dennis Piotrowski, Rebecca Rannels, Glenn Russ, Yvonne Schueller, Bob Silence, Beth Sohngen, Florence Yates and Stephen Yates.

The PRA has a 30+ year history so if we’re missing some names please let us know!

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