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San Pedro Emergency Preparedness Fair

Sponsored by your Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council and produced by Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council, Palisades residents are invited to the FREE San Pedro Emergency Preparedness Fair. Meet the people who can save you in an emergency; learn the simple skills that can help you save yourself and your family; and build peace of mind by preparing now before there is an emergency.

October 20th
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Peck Park Community Center
560 N. Western Avenue

No one likes to think about emergencies and disasters, but after a disaster, it’s too late to prepare. To show you all the great gear and supplies to meet your needs, local businesses and organizations are offering exhibits, workshops and seminars–all free.

Sleep better at night, prepare now!

Learn about the USGS/CalTech earthquake early warning system
Get a free blood pressure screenings by the Red Cross
See the Red Cross emergency rescue vehicle
Gain valuable tips from the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management
Department and FEMA
Learn how to prepare dehydrated meals over a camp stove
Learn how medical centers operate in disaster mode
Learn how to prepare you boat for an emergency
Learn about emergency preparedness for your pets
Bring the children to visit the fire and police vehicles
Learn about FRS, GMRS and “ham” radios and how they can help you stay in
Meet local Police, Fire, medical and city emergency preparedness personnel
Enter the free drawing for backpacks with emergency supplies
Get that edge

Bring your family, group of friends and your neighbors; most people who survive disasters are saved by other survivors, so learn together. Remember, in a major disaster the police and fire will be overwhelmed; prepare now to survive the critical hours until they can reach you. Learn how to move yourself and family to safer zones or how to shelter in place for each possible scenario. The more you know, the less you need to worry about.

Grab your gear

Get hands on experience with the key elements of preparedness: water, shelter, safety, first aid, food, and communications. Learn what you need at home, in your car (so you can get home or get away) and always at hand.

The San Pedro Emergency Preparedness Fair is a project of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council with the support of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council and the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council. Visit PrepareSanPedro.org for the schedule of workshops, list of exhibitors, up to the minute details and contact information.

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