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SPHS “Town Hall” Meeting on September 12

SPHS “Town Hall” Meeting at SPHS Flagship Campus Auditorium will be held on September 12 at 6:00 pm.

Primary topic: Traffic issues related to the John M. and Muriel Olguin Campus. Public is invited. Be there.

2 Responses

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  2. Yet another example of the lack of integrity of LAUSD. It did not take a genius to know from the outset that the alleged “official” entrance would be unworkable given the time constraints of class schedules on the main campus. The district knew that from the start, or should have known. Did they not do test runs, don’t they know how long it takes to load a bus, or van, or scatter to cars in the parking lot? Did they honestly believe the students and staff would hustle to fit into the other complex’s schedule?
    What is so aggravating is their failure to tell the truth to neighbors whose common sense caused them to question statements made to placate the doubters.
    What is so amazing is that there are still people who think the district, through it’s agents, can be believed. I’m reminded of how the Native Americans must have felt as they saw treaty after treaty broken as their lands became desirable.

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