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SPHS Olguin Campus Meeting regarding use of Alma Street

Residents are invited to a “Donuts & Coffee” meeting that Jeanette Stevens, Principal of San Pedro High School Flagship and John M and Muriel Olguin “JMMO” campuses, is hosting, regarding the buses using Alma, in the multipurpose room on the JMMO campus multi-purpose room August 30, Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

It will be a lively conversation given the different points of view that will be represented…not everyone will agree, but it will be an opportunity for parents of current students and neighbors to share their concerns, to understand the challenges, and begin to find solutions and come to a peaceful appreciation for the problems that need to be solved…considering that students needs need to be put first above all else.

Stevens is very forthcoming about what has happened regarding the use of Alma. Until the buses actually made the trips to and from the Flagship Campus to the Olguin Campus, some people had expected a different outcome. However, in order for students to be in class on time and not miss instructional minutes, buses “must” use Alma during the mid-morning hours only, not before or after school. Anyone who has tried to use the Gaffey entrance knows that it is not working to facilitate easy entry and exit to and from the campus. Unfortunately there was a gap, a huge gap, between planning the ingress and egress of the school and the commitment made to the neighbors.

Stevens inherited a lot of commitments that had been made prior to her becoming principal, one of which was to limit Alma to dire emergencies. This is what the voice of the neighborhood wanted and had been agreed to by “district officials”, now the reality creates a different scenario.

Please find a way to attend the meeting on Thursday… hopefully it will be more than an airing of frustrations, rather a step towards building understanding and finding solutions.

5 Responses

  1. Ingress and egress should not become a residents problem, this is just bad planning and Alma should be used only in an emergency.

  2. LAUSD has been documented on countless occasions stating that Alma will always be closed. In fact, it is well documented as one of the key main concessions they made to the community when negotiating the school being built. There are videos, articles and numerous eyewitnesses documenting this contract they made with the community.

    A lack of planning on their part does not justify creating real harm to residents in terms of safety, stress and financial loss from reduced property value due to bus traffic.

    They will be held to their contract with the community. I’m sure the community would be more than willing to help them find solutions that do not involve harming local residents if only they would learn to work with the community instead of against it.

  3. Funny (?) how LAUSD, Vlad especially, would leave Jeanette Stevens as the person to face the neighborhood. Where is Vlad listed as the person making decisions now? Janette gets to say…”we have not choice”, “What ever you were promised before just does not work” etc. Great backing from LAUSD.
    We found that LAUSD was busing students to San Pedro High from Gardena. LAUSD told us they were not busing in from Gardena till one of the neighbors in the area that drives the school buses stood up and told us all he picks up and delivers students from Gardena to San Pedro daily.
    It does not matter what LAUSD promises they will do what ever they want, when they want. They promise just to shut us up, till the next time.

  4. Should have just upgraded the existing School which would have saved a lot of money for a City that’s broke. Now we have not only the inconvenience of additional traffic but LAUSD is contributing to the overall pollution in the air by busing in kids from all over creation including Gardena. Strange how clean air is a non issue when the City embarks on a project. Alma and Palisades residents should stand firm and just say NO to access on Alma except for emergency vehicles.

  5. I want to note here that Mrs. Stevens was principal when these promises were made regardless of what she would like this community to believe. She did not inherit any promises… She made them.

    Want proof? Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te-kuWDIjkY

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