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Paseo Landslide Update – Storm Drains Ready

The Los Angeles County Flood Control District is responsible for providing flood protection on a regional basis.  The two storm drains that have been relocated provide regional flood protection to the west and east communities in the vicinity of the slide area.   The relocated storm drains are now fully functional and are ready for upcoming storms.
Regarding localized drainage concerns around the immediate slide area, this is something for the City to consider.  Please note that the landslide is still active and because of this it may be difficult and unsafe to try to install or construct any type of drainage system around this area.
As the County wraps up the final storm drain construction items in the next three weeks, they will see if constructing an asphalt berm on the street (like a speed bump) would minimize storm water from travelling to the slide area.  Placing sandbags to divert some storm water may be another option.

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  1. Diverting storm water with berms or sandbags will just slow down the inevitable, why not just let it slide naturally until it’s finished and maybe expedite a final solution to this whole problem.

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