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Clearwater Meeting Rescheduled to June 14

In 2008, we told you about the potential of tunneling under San Pedro to replace two wastewater lines. Back then there were 14 possible locations on the table for the Clearwater Program. That field has been narrowed down to four — two of which will impact Palisades residents directly.

Royal Palms Beach and Angels Gate Park are being considered for construction shafts, where equipment, materials, and workers would enter the tunnel and excavated soil would be removed. Construction will take five to eight years to complete depending on which site is chosen. There would be 50 to 100 truck trips per day to remove soil from the site.

If you would like to learn more about the Clearwater Program, please attend a meeting hosted by the Palisades Residents Association on Tuesday, June 14 at 6:00 pm at the Corner Store. (Please note this meeting has been rescheduled from the previously announced June 7 date.)

One Response

  1. The Clearwater folks will tell you that Alignment 4 is the least costly and that Alignment 3 is second least costly.

    They will tell you that Alignment 4 is the best for the environment, but what they haven’t been able to admit is that there is the environment that residents have to deal with in their daily lives like transportation issues, noise, dust, and negative factors about drilling even a small access at the bottom of the cliff at Royal Palms.

    Alignment 3 on the illustration puts that shaft in the parking lot below the Korean Bell, something many of us are now used to and a lot that keeps cars from in front of many houses in the Palisades.

    I think the residents of the Palisades, in dealing with the new high school annex AND the parking situations when large gatherings are held at Point Fermin, have endured enough.

    With the new school open and continuing gathering at Point Fermin, during the time the dirt haulers would proceed through the Palisades, for even a few months, it asking the residents to take on something they don’t even utilize, or pay for.

    When asked, over 99% of the folks originally surveyed about the placement of access shafts, stated clearly that the shaft must be dug on Terminal Island, at the old coke transport facility. Please learn what you can and help the rest of us tell the Sanitation Districts that they are quite welcome to place any shaft on Terminal Island, but not on the mainland, especially anywhere near Western or Gaffey and in the Palisades.

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