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CSPNC Coastal Currents – New Edition


Just in case you missed the latest issue in your mailbox, the latest issue of Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council’s “Coastal Currents” was distributed to all Palisades residents and other locations in San Pedro. Coastal Currents provided us an update on the work of the Neighborhood Council. Definitely some familiar faces and names included.

On the back cover is a quick update of the CSPNC Coastal Risk & Beautification Committee – which more or less is an outlet regarding the Pt Fermin Seepage issue, Sunken City and the continuation of the White Point Landslide developments, including the future of Paseo Del Mar. Led by Adele Healy, those meetings are productive and offer solid input with a great group of stakeholders.

FYI – there are a few CSPNC Board seats open – and you’ll need to go to the July 20 mtg (see cspnc.org for more details) – if serving Coastal residents interests you. If not, the Palisades Residents Association is ramping to become more active and reactive again to serve our neighborhood – while collaborating with the necessary folks for a continuous improving quality of life. PRA Board positions will be available soon – watch-out for announcements on new meeting dates, and a revamped website as early as September.

Hamilton Avenue Hearing

Widening Hamilton Avenue solves multiple resident challenges of a more comprehensive solution.

June 3 is the date at 12:30. San Pedro Public Library is the place.

Click for Public Notice
Notice of Public Hearing

CSPNC (S)Elections this Saturday

This Saturday, May 10, Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council will hold (S)Elections for the 2014-2015 CSPNC Governing Board from 11:00 to 3:00 at CRAFTED – 112 East 22nd Street right next to the park. You don’t really need the address do you?

Palisades Residents may be reminded of the continuous, positive work CSPNC deals with related to our quality of life. Most recently was the announcement of the widening of Hamilton Avenue between Patton and Barbara among other traffic developments related to the Landslide and general resident and school traffic flow. Much more is ahead and being solved, including Neighborhood Watch enhancements with Senior Lead Officer Eve Wight and the LAPD.

Meanwhile, on the voting front, there are prizes for the 250th, 500th and 1,000th, voter – so let’s get out to CRAFTED and make our vote count… There is not a candidate forum, however you will likely find several of the candidates at CRAFTED depending when you show up to vote, if you have questions or issue positions you’d like to understand. And, of course while at CRAFTED you can do a little shopping, socialize with neighbors.

This is your chance to “Select / Elect” who you feel is most qualified to “Locally Listen and Lead” our Coastal neighborhood. It’s been a very productive, positive year, with many positive developments and accomplishments to carry forward –

In case you were wondering, yes, there is still time to run! (May 8 is the deadline to submit) See cspnc.org for details.

Here’s who is “Feelin’ Board”, in alphabetical order, so far – and of some them are familiar names who are fellow Palisades residents who have been successfully guiding the ship on behalf of us:

» Dave Behar
» Gary Bettis
» Cari Burich
» James Dimon
» Louis Dominguez
» Chuck Hawley
» Dan Malstom
» Mike Cammareri
» Matt Matich
» Pat Means
» Chris Nagel
» Ana Ortiz
» Denise Marovich-Sampson
» Ted Shirley
» June Burlingame Smith
» Sonya Tsujimura
» John Vidovich
» Peter Warren
» Rachel Waugh

CSPNC Coastal Currents (Print Edition) with candidate bios – is coming to Palisades Residents mailboxes this week –

See you soon at CRAFTED!

2014-15 CSPNC Selections – Get on Board!

Opportunity for Palisades Residents…


Ruff Ruff found

This ruff ruff showed up at a Coastal SP house – perhaps frightened by the Great LA Air Raid noise last night. Collar but no tags. Anyone recognize? 310.748.2134

missing ruff ruff

Frown or Browne?

Palisades Residents – today’s the day! Join fellow residents and public officials sharing + providing Public Safety, Traffic and Neighborhood Watch solutions. See you at the Elks.


Here’s today’s updated Panel schedule…

The Peggy Safety Summit

Palisades Residents – See you on Saturday, January 25 at the Public Safety Summit.
Arrive early for check-in – 12:30, only 300 seats.



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